Police Searching For Singing Burglar Who Broke Into Atlanta Home

Photo: Getty Images

Forget American Idol — Police are searching for an American Burglar who reportedly broke into an Atlanta home after being captured singing on the home's surveillance camera.

The Atlanta Police Department is looking for a man who reportedly broke into a home on Seaborn Road in the Collier Heights neighborhood around 5:30 p.m. Saturday (September 23), per Channel 2 News. The homeowner claimed that a man he does not know and hasn't seen before in his neighborhood broke into his home and stole several items, though it is unclear what was stolen.

As is the case with many home burglaries in this day and age, the incident was captured on the home's surveillance camera. What sets this burglary apart, however, is that the suspect was caught on camera singing on the front porch prior to entering the home. He was even seen looking directly into the camera several times while doing his best The Voice impression, with the video ending as he opened the door to the home.

APD took to its official Facebook page to share the camera footage of the man singing on the porch before he reportedly broke into the home in the hopes that someone may recognize him and send a tip to Crime Stoppers Atlanta.

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