Organa Kannalytics: Southeastern H&MC Convention

Organa Kannalytics invites the 420 industry to attend the Southeastern H&MC Convention.

The SMHCC is being touted as the central meeting point for industry leaders and influencers to come together for networking, discussing medical advancements in the newly legalized four-twenty industry.

This year’s Keynote Speakers are Dallas Austin and Tavarres King, two heavy-hitters in the industry.

Special Thanks to Title Sponsor, Lux Leaf Diagnostic

The SHMC Convention will be held in person, taking care of all health and safety protocols following local and international regulations. Those who cannot attend the event in person have access to the streaming conference.

Organa Kannalytics is helping to bring legitimacy to the newly legalized four-twenty Industry through Science & Education.

Join us for this impactful two-day expo that will offer networking opportunities and break-out sessions.

This event will cover medical use and practices, scientific technologies, cultivation, processing, manufacturing and business practices in the four-twenty industry.

You will also discover business opportunities within the industry.

Learn about Local, state, and national legislation regarding the newly legalized 420 industry.

For tickets go to

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