Enough is Enough: Take Action Now

We must take action to bring about change to our community. There’s power in our voices!

It takes action from all of us, so today we will be sharing steps you can take to make a difference in our communities.

We believe that the best way to take the power back is with our votes.

Register to vote NOW and let's show up at the polls, informed and ready to vote in our own interest this fall.

When we work together, we win! Your voice and your vote matters!

Register to Vote:

Make sure you’re registered to vote not only for the 2020 Presidential Election but for all other important local elections being held this year!

Georgia registration for the November election is October 5, 2020.

Get all the important Georgia election dates here

Locate a Rally

Make your voice heard and walk in solidarity with protesters at a local rally near you

Finding Legal Help

Find free legal representation or bail money assistance for protesters arrested while demonstrating

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